How Wi-Fi credentials are stored
The technicality

When you connect to a Wi-Fi network and choose to save the credentials, they can be later fetched not only by Windows but by anyone who knows where and how to look for them. The location is different among different versions of Windows.

Our Wi-Fi Credentials Viewer
Using our in-house tool

Wi-Fi Credentials Viewer is an easy to use tool for fetching all stored Wi-Fi credentials. It displays this information on screen right after starting the tool. At the same time, a textual report is generated and placed at the same path from which the tool is ran from.

Further Information
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We provide consultation for issues related to forensics research and the 'how to' for each type of forensics data. We can help you understand the vulnerabilities in your organizations or how to develop tool and snippets to either protect your assets or retrieve stored information and forensics data.

Who Are We

This web site was created to serve a purpose of helping anyone understand how Wi-Fi credentials are explosed and also to provie a tool for viewing these stored credentials. We are a team of key people from Secured Globe, Inc. in New York:

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Michael Haephrati

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Secured Globe, Inc.

Secured Globe redefines corporate security by integrating corporate tools with security appliances, placing it ahead of cyber threats. Our mission is to provide endpoint security solutions for each need. As threats are always changing, it is important we always stay ahead in the game. Are vision and mission are to contain all possible threats, Create a safe working and product environment and scale all threats in a manageable way. We believe bridging the latest cyber technology with your organization's every day needs empowers your business. We are here to offer a state-of-the-art solution with unique Inside and Out (tm) technology for your organization.



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We develop state of the art product, mostly for personal computers but also some for mobile phones. The company and team specializes in unique software solutions and products, turnkey and tailor made solutions including large scale projects with emphasis of cyber solution and cyber intelligence. Our products are mostly for Windows and for iOS, but we provide cloud based solutions as well. Secured Globe has been selected and has participated in the BizSpark project by Microsoft.